About Dr Harpreet

Dr Harpreet Pannu has been in the practice of medicine since 2008. As a fully qualified vocationally recognised GP, Dr Harpreet's passion for caring has inspired him to reach more people through the convenience of online medical assistance.

Harpreet invests in his ongoing self-education and is passionate about practising safe medicine, excited about making healthcare more accessible via the exploration of technology assisting this new avenue in medicine.

A Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Fellow, with experience in various health sectors such as mental health, pediatrics and skin cancer treatment.

Harpreet believes in reliable and forward-thinking healthcare. He works to build a rapport with his patients, he believes, “patient’s who trust their doctor have better emotional outcomes, feel more confident in the advice given and are more likely to lead to greater long term health outcomes.”

In addition to his passion for medicine, he is a recreational pilot and an aspiring runner hoping to complete a full marathon in the near future.

With a strong belief in preventive medicine and a motto of practising what you preach, as a self-experiment, Harpreet completed a half marathon in the 2018 Melbourne Marathon. In pursuit of improving his own personal fitness in an effort to understand the struggles, his patients go through to improve their own fitness. Dr Harpreet is passionate about sharing his own fitness journey. Harpreet believes in leading by example and works with patients to help improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Professional accomplishments include

Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) - 2008
FRACGP - Fellowship of The Royal College of General Practice - 2018
Certificate Skin Cancer Medicine (2015) - Skin Cancer College Australasia
Rural Emergency Skills (REST) - ACCRMM
Advanced life support - Level 2 provider (Australian Resuscitation Council)
Advanced Paediatric Life Support

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